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What We Do

Discovering Packaging & Display Solutions

for your optimal performance

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In FMCG where efficient packaging helps to improve sales in supermarkets and stores to draw consumers in, OPAQ versatile solutions for FMCG are targeted to meet low & high production volume and constant stock rotations

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The retail landscape is constantly evolving, with consumer trends that change over time. OPAQ retail packaging solutions are designed for brand owners and retailers to enhance damage protection, and present the merchandise in the most appealing way.

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To meet the growing demands in F&B industry that is diverse and dynamic, OPAQ F&B solution offers innovative packaging for a wide range of gastronomy, food concepts and refreshment. We bring packaged appeal and convenience to your consumers

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With the advancement in medical science in healthcare industry, more emphasis are focussed on the holistic wellness of consumers. OPAQ works hand-in-hand with market players to bring enhanced packaging solutions of unique focus on consumer centricity

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We work with various appointed distributors in lifestyle and consumer packaged goods that require packaging solutions for small to large networks. OPAQ solutions for distribution are focused to enhance consumer branding and promote exclusivity

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To be an integral part of the manufacturer's production process, our solutions are designed for proper containment, damage protection, extended freshness and shelf

life in mind, we helped diverse market leaders succeed beyond packaging design

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